We offer the best repair service on all makes, models and styles of bikes; offering free estimates and we also perform same day flat tire repairs.
                                      Tune up's and Repairs by appointment
 The most common repair request is a tune up. A tune up is a thorough inspection to insure everything is safe, properly adjusted, operating correctly and lubricated. We recommend a bike to be tuned up at leased once a year 
Tune Up 15 Point Check List
  • Inspect bike frame and fork for any type of damage
  • Inspect tire condition
  • Check tire air pressure
  • Check and adjust headset bearing adjustment
  • Inspect brake cables 
  • Inspect gear cables
  • Check  and adjust front hub bearing adjustment
  • Check and adjust rear hub bearing adjustment
  • Straighten wheels true by spoke tension
  • Inspect and adjust bottom bracket
  • Insect and lubricate drive chain
  • Inspect chain rings and gear cogs
  • Adjust gears
  • Check brake pad condition
  • Adjust Brakes


        Tune Up Pricing
        $60.00 for all multi-speed and most BMX bikes.
        $45.00 for most single speed bike                                                        *  Part  Installation charges may apply                                                                          *  All service and repair work based on 60.00 per hour labor rate